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First Tilt-Shift Lens is coming

I’ve been fascinated by tilt-shift lenses since I got acquainted with their unique style.  It took my husband a long time to figure out how the tilting and shifting works to produce those fascinating images.

Sony doesn’t have any high quality tilt-shift lenses yet, so we grabbed a third party manufacturer, Arsat.  They’re based out of Ukraine, and though I was initially skeptical, the reviews were good enough to decide to give the 80mm lens a try.   Here is what it looks like


The cool thing about tilt shift, is that they can lens can tilt and shift as shown below

Tilting and Shifting

The tilting allows the focal plane to be tilted forward or backward.  This can create for very narrow depth of field, or in the case when the image is tilting away, allows for an image with a narrow depth of field to keep a tilted subject in focus for a longer distance.

The shifting is a bit more subtle. The field of view of usually symmetric above and below the image.  So that, for instance, an 80mm focal length lens on a 35mm camera, will capture 9 degrees above and 9 degrees below center to fall into the field of view.  Shifting allows this to be offset, so that 17 degrees above center and 1 degree below center fall into the field of view.  It essentially allows the camera to behave as if it is a medium format camera, where you’ve selectively cropped down to a full frame (35mm) image.

So we’re getting our tilt-shift tomorrow and we’ll see if we can get the unique images that only a tilt-shift can capture.